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Emmanouil and Aikaterini : the truthful stories : a novel

Rea Galanaki

In this novel I am searching for who my parents were. What shaped Emmanouil and Aikaterini before they married, before I met them, before we clashed fiercely, before we reconciled later. From where they drew that load of cultures, attitudes, attitudes, and even historical perspective that they inevitably bequeathed to me. Search permissible, if not necessary at the ripe age of a child, a writer - as mine now is. Surprisingly, only now were the remains of the dead parents allowed to be confessed, only now did their old black and white photographs respond to my questions. My memory recalled more easily the family oral histories, which vary so much from mouth to mouth, from man to woman, from room to room, from era to era. I found myself in the places where they had lived at various times and in difficult times: historic villages of Crete, pre-war Vienna and Bordeaux, Athens, Heraklion and others. Places-sceneries, since the family has always been the deep explosive core of every drama in life, in art. In these tales that are not tales I question, invent, understand, speculate, speculate, sarcasm, and probably forgive. After all, parents are only one of many mirrors of our self-awareness, perhaps the harshest but also the most tender mirror.

The book is available at the Library; Call. No.: 889.334 Γαλ [in Greek].

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