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We are Stardust : universe, a story without end

Dionysis P. Simopoulos

The unknown often scares people. It makes many people feel lost. Alone. Unsafe. For others, the unknown sparks curiosity. It makes them impatient. Proud. To feel part of something bigger than themselves. And the acquisition of new knowledge about the unknown, especially knowledge that causes changes in man's philosophical ideas about himself and his relationship to nature, will always be met with praise and hostility at once. In the Universe there are about one trillion trillion stars. As many as are the grains of sand in all the Earth's oceans. And on the other hand, in the matter contained within a single thimble we find a billion trillion trillion atoms. So where is the centre of the Universe now? Is man really very far away from it? Or is this undefined centre really only a matter of perspective and relativity? From the birth of stars to black holes, from elementary particles to gravitational waves, from the most distant galaxies to the human species, this book describes the perpetual journey of the material energy that makes up the Universe.

The book is available at the Library; Call. No.: 520 Σιμ [in Greek].

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