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A German Collection of Stamps

Iris Tzachili

How was a collection of stamps issued between 1938-1941 found in the papers of Dimitra Angelidou? Who collected it and who sorted the stamps? The fate of the collection reflects the moment when Dimitra Angelidou, a young philologist, and Helmut Engelhart, a Wehrmacht officer, met in Thessaloniki in May 1941. Just a month before, the Germans had occupied the city and had commandeered many houses. Helmut gave the collection to Dimitra to keep and promised her that after the war he would come back for it. In the meantime the future of the war and that of the world changed, Germany was defeated, the map of Europe was redrawn. The Thessaloniki of the Occupation, the Jews and the Resistance was lost, the faces grew old. Decades passed and the German did not appear. Until, in 2019, Dimitra Angelidou's daughter rediscovered the collection and wanted to get closer to the people of this story, and unravel its tangle...

The book is available at the Library; Call. No.: 889.334 Τζα [in Greek].

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