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The Blue Sapphire

Rena Rossi-Zairi

Was Mark's death a tragic accident or intentional homicide? Alkis is sure that Melanthi is hiding something from him. And as a policeman he is determined to find out the truth. She knows she can't rely on him. If she reveals to him that she never stopped loving him, she will be forced to share her unspoken secret with him. And then her life will fall to pieces. Confused, scared and alone, she tries to escape the web that weaves around her. Otherwise she risks losing her life. A blue sapphire, a scorpion, a hawk-hunter and Lemnos, an island awash in mystery, become entangled with the heroes, with their angelic yet evil faces, with their unspoken secrets, with three murders. What can a woman do when she's under too much pressure? Everything.


The book is available at the Library; call. Nο.: 889.334 Ρωσ [in Greek].

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