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The Sequence of Evil

Chrysa Spyropoulou

Two murders - one in Kolonaki and the other, initially thought to be an accident, on the coastal road. The suspects are many. The investigation is taken up, in a time of pandemic, by a policewoman named Georgiou and her new assistant, who makes no effort to keep up with the times. The suspects are the mistress of the first victim and her husband, the gardener, the lawyer, a fashion designer. The second victim is a doctor. At first suspicions are directed at people who had contacts with him for health issues, especially because of the pandemic. Financially well-off families are destroyed because of the first lockdown and are also linked to the two victims. How are the two deaths related and what is the connection between the gardener's and the two victims? Was this relationship the reason for the two deaths? Or is there something else hidden?

The riddles that the two police officers are asked to solve are many, and it seems that Georgiou's relationship with her supervisor is at a critical point. It all takes place in the heart of Athens, against the backdrop of the pandemic and its aftermath. On the one hand the Athens of wealth and on the other the misery of some people who try to take advantage of the circumstances and get rich quick and easy, while others lose everything from one moment to the next.

The book is available at the Library; Call. Nο.: 889.334 Σπυ [in Greek].

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