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Killing Moon

Jo Nesbo

YOU CAN GET AWAY FROM EVERYONE, BUT NOT FROM YOU. After watching his life fall apart, Harry goes to Los Angeles to disappear from everyone and everything, including himself. No matter how hard he tries, he can't escape. When an elderly actress who is trying to escape from a drug cartel gets in his way, Harry has no choice but to help her. TWO WOMEN MISSING. SUSPECT ASKS FOR YOUR HELP. WILL YOU GIVE IT TO HIM? Back in Oslo, two women are missing. One of the suspects is real estate tycoon Marcus Roe. Katrine Bratt wants to enlist the help of Harry Holle, who knows serial killers better than anyone. But the police flatly refuse. On the other hand, the suspect wants to hire him as a private investigator to clear him of the charges. Harry refuses. But he is faced with a major dilemma. THE CLOIS IS SUFFOCATING AND TIME IS RUNNING OUT. He has only ten days. Time passes and a blood moon shines over Oslo.

The book is available at the Library; Call. Nο.: 839.82374 Nes [in Greek].

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