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Wolverines, and Other Stories

Kostas Barbatsis

"I'm leaving, cousin", Panos said and said again, until he finally made up his mind and returned to the village. Sevasti broke all day long, asking for Zacharias to be brought back to her. The father of the child in her womb. Chilias had only the wolf for company in the scholar's house. And no matter what anyone said, he wouldn't let anyone take him away from him. Lefteris, a captain on the Albanian front, had promised that even if a soldier stayed alive, he would take him to his place. For twenty years, Yorgia has been bustling about on buses, waiting for a word, for a glimpse of Constantis. Lolo laughed thunderously. And every time the goblins heard him, they would drop their cornstalks and fly away in fright. Six stories of loss. The loss of emotion, of reason, of life itself. The dominant backdrop is Aitoloakarnania and Epirus during the war, the Occupation, the Civil War, and immigration. Fragile people who, unable to cope with the cruelty that surrounds them, see the only way out as flight.


The book is available at the Library; Call. No.: 889.334 Μπα [in Greek].

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