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Letters from Izmir (Smyrna)

Thanos Kondylis

Doctor Pelagia Antoniadis arrives in modern Smyrna. Following the instructions left to her by her namesake grandmother, she discovers a lost treasure: the letters hidden since 1922 and her grandmother's diary. She begins to read them and through them she will get to know the old town, but also the great love of her grandmother Pelagia, the doctor Alexandros Kallergis, who had saved her life. And then came the great fire and destruction. Pelagia, having lost everything, even her lover, arrives in Athens in pursuit. With great difficulty she gets back on her feet. But she will never rest, and one day she will put her daring plan into action: to return again to ruined Smyrna to find Alexandros again. Little does she know, however, that she has entered the greatest adventure of her life. For her journey to Asia Minor will be a journey into the unknown... perhaps even death.

A story full of the aromas of old Smyrna and a woman's self-sacrifice for her beloved.


The book is available at the Library; Call. No.: 889.334 Κον [in Greek].

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