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I Dreamed of Dido

Lena Divani

Amidst the turmoil of repeated crises, I suddenly felt the strong need to breathe some fresh air, to feel optimistic. So I decided that the time had come to revive my idol, Dido Sotiriou. It is unfair that she is slowly being forgotten by older people and completely ignored by younger ones. There was no other like this woman warrior of good who crossed the entire 20th century, found herself at the centre of every Greek tragedy (from the Asia Minor Catastrophe to the junta) and managed to straddle all the ruins wearing her eternal smile, red beret, necklace and perfume. I immediately began research (which eventually inspired the book Couples Who Wrote the History of Greece) and thankfully, because Alki Zei and Nikos Bellogiannis, the only survivors who knew her from the good and the bad, were lost in the meantime. I hope I have written a completely hybrid biography with the characteristic title I Dreamed of Dido. For I did indeed dream of her, all alive, irrepressible and laughing, as she always was, telling me in nay and sigh her life that was wildly improbable! L.D.

The book is available at the Library; Call. No.: 92 Σωτ [in Greek].

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