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Thessaloniki Noir

Kyriakos Athanasiadis ... [et al.]

In the short story collection "Thessaloniki Noir", ten authors of mystery and crime fiction from Northern Greece join forces and achieve a collective narrative with a common ground. Ten fictional stories, set in important or unimportant times, familiar and uncharted, underlit streets, with local idioms and cuisine, obscure monuments of past greatness, parks hiding wonders or cursed lives, modern social unrest, injustices and crises of urban consciousness, innocent yet terrifying daily lives of fellow citizens next door. Each big city has its own particular noir nuance. And, of course, one with the diversity and versatility of Thessaloniki can only hide, under a dark cloak, along its great history, moments in which delinquency, mystery and adventure have been the hallmarks of both historical and accidental incidents. The collective writing project of Thessaloniki Noir attempts to create fertile fictional ground for similar narratives with its urban fabric as a backdrop. Ten stories with elaborate plots, literary traces and identities, set in a city that grows and remains as charming as it is mysterious.

The book is available at the Library; Call. No.: 889.334 Θεσ [in Greek].

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