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And for the Rest of my Life I will Love You

Kostas Krommydas

I never found out the exact date I was born. I was just a baby that someone abandoned on the steps of an institution, like so many others. The women who raised me always said that I sang first and then I spoke. Perhaps because through the notes I somehow softened the cruelty of the world, which I unfortunately experienced early on. But against rules and obstacles, I continued to sing, to dream and to laugh... Until the moment when they took everything away from me, condemning me to deadly silence. Maybe because I was a woman... Maybe because I didn't want to subject my soul to unwritten laws. Growing up, I fell in love, I hurt, I cried, I cried, I got down on my knees, but in the end I managed to look at life from the perspective I chose and not others. I stood up and fought for the things that made me smile. I fought a battle to not allow anyone to take away my right to dream. And I finally understood that true love doesn't imprison you, but keeps you free in its embrace. My name is Menexia and I got my name from the color of my eyes...

The book is available at the Library; Call. No.: 889.334 Κρο [in Greek].


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