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The Tree with the Nests

Eleni Priovolou

Maria leaves her parental home and settles in the estate bequeathed to her by her father in the middle of the plain. She creates a flower nursery there. She has for company the endemic birds, which have set up their colony on a millennium-old plane tree, as well as the migratory birds that come to her every year. The slow pace of her solitary life is disrupted by "Them" - the migrants who work on her brothers' farms in slavery. Fear of the stranger, the alien, keeps her at a safe distance. Until one of "Those" crosses the imaginary border. It's Nizam the Rohingya. He balances a stick on his shoulders, from which hang nests for the birds of the tree. Winter is approaching harshly, and Nizam cares for the birds as much as Mary does. Through their love and knowledge of the birds of the sky, they will be able to communicate deeply, breaking down all the barriers that separate them. A book about endemic and migratory people who, like birds, are looking for a safe haven, always stateless and always hunted.

The book is available at the Library; Call. No.: 889.334 Πρι [in Greek].

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