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Koha, the new library catalog
Our library transfered its resources from Its old Integrated Library System and online Catalog to a new, web-based, open-source system called ‘Koha’.

The url is:

Ask your librarian to assist you in familiarizing yourselves with the new catalog
Reading Book Club and Erotokritos
The Reading Book Club of the Secondary School students welcomes the authors of the well received comic 'Erotokritos' based on the famous Cretan chivalrous epic work from Polaris publishing. The authors, Georgios Gousis, Dimosthenis Papamarkos and Giannis Ragos will be present.
Agricultural newspaper
We launched our subscription to the weekly agricultural newspaper Ypaithros Hora. Come by the library and get informed on the latest agricultural developments.
Precision agriculture
Precision Agriculture covers in detail the spatial data for recordkeeping, spatial analysis in decision making and modeling prescription maps for variable rate applications. It provides an overview of precision farming concepts and the tools of precision farming system. This book isn't just about precision farming, but it takes one important and difficult aspect of precision farming and puts it into an understandable and teachable format.

The book is available at the Library, call number 338.16 Bra.

Ask your librarian to assist you in finding this book.
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