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30 days with Montalbano

Andrea Camilleri

The title of this Camilleri book invites the reader to spend 30 days with detective Salvo Montalbano, and solve 30 cases with him. Not all cases take place in Vigata, this small town in Sicily where Montalbano lives and works. The cases involve crimes of passion, corruption, Mob crimes, crimes of ambition, in the heat of the moment, or simply everyday crimes. The criminals are young, old, men and women, beautiful and ugly, moral and immoral, educated and uneducated. The only thing that unites all these kinds of crimes and criminals is Montalbano’s unique human behavior, which contradicts with life’s harshness by using man's powerfull weapons: intelligence, irony, and mercy. 

The book is available at the Library; call. Nο.: 853.914 Cam.

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