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Damiana Koutsomiha

Damiana Koutsomiha is the Head Librarian of Dimitris & Aliki Perrotis Library. She holds a BSc on Library and Information Systems and a MScEcon on Management of Library and Information Services from the University of Aberystwyth, Wales. She promotes library services to the community through education, outreach and participation in professional conferences, trainings, publications and research groups. Her research interests cover a range of issues such as digital literacies, evaluation of Web resources, knowledge management, library instruction.

Over the years her vision and mission as a librarian has taken concrete form: to strengthen the learning process of students and provide the means and foundations through teaching for the development of critical thinking in the chaos of information as well as the fundamental value of lifelong learning. When not teaching she likes to return to her first favorite job as librarian: identifying information and reaching where her users cannot and ultimately provide them with the necessary tools to reach the desired information on their own.


Email: +30 2310 492 889 | skype: damiana.koutsomiha1

Fotini Traka

Fotini Traka is the Cataloging Librarian at Dimitris & Aliki Perrotis Library. She received a BSc in Library and Information Systems from Alexander Technological Educational Institute of Thessaloniki in 2000. From 2001 to the present her main labor and responsibility has been to apply special cataloging for the library holdings in order to create electronic library catalogs for its users. In addition to the above, she answers reference questions, serves the library’s users at the front desk and educates users at OPAC, personally or through organized presentations.

All of her experience with the process of building a catalog has made her appreciate the value of a good, organized library catalog and how this catalog can make people’s lives easier in a library. She believes that every catalog is a "living organism" her main target is to maintain, supplement, enrich  and update all library catalogs of the American Farm School educational programs, so that in the future every user can adapt a paraphrase to a row of G. Ritsos’ poem "And so, my brother": "I'd organize for you, in an hour / a hundred catalogs like these. / That’s what we want"...

Email: | Tel. +30 2310 492 883

Iro Sotiriadou


Iro Sotiriadou is the Perrotis College Liaison Librarian working at the "Dimitris & Aliki Perrotis" Central Library of the AFS and at the "George and Charlotte Draper Information & Media Hub" Satellite Library at Perrotis College, while she is also responsible for managing the Library's electronic resources. She holds a BA in English Language and Literature and an MA in Translation Studies both from the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, as well as a BSc in Library Science and Information Systems from the Alexander Technological Educational Institute of Thessaloniki. Iro focuses on serving library users and promoting library services through the development of electronic resources (online subject and information literacy guides, library's website development, etc.) and digital curation of the library's digital assets (digital Archives, Institutional Repository, etc.), as well as provides research assistance and guidance to the Perrotis College students and faculty. She gives library orientation tours to Perrotis College freshmen and, along with the Heal Librarian, she gives bibliographic instruction courses. Iro also organizes training sessions for "Mendeley Referencing Tool & PDF Organizer" since 2016, when she obtained the Certified Mendeley Librarian title. Iro participates in professional conferences and online training seminars, and her research interests include digital curation, knowledge management and evaluation, the use of web technologies in libraries, teacher librarianship, and embedded librarianship.

During the years working as a librarian, her mission and vision have shifted in turning the Library's patrons from passive and dependent users to active and independent users and learners, by promoting metacognitive strategies in library instruction. She values the importance of lifelong learning and cherishes the significance of cultivating students' research skills and critical thinking.



Email: | Tel. +30 2310 492888 (@ the "Dimitris & Aliki Perrotis" Central Library) and 2310 492935 (@ the "George and Charlotte Draper Information & Media Hub" - Aliki Perroti Educational Center basement, next to the Perrotis College's Administrative offices).

Sissy Bamba

Sissy Bamba has worked as a library assistant at the ‘Dimitris and Aliki Perrotis’ library since 1999, and she is responsible for the circulation of library materials. Her studies in Mathematics at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and the experience gained from her cooperation with her librarian colleagues have allowed her to combine the two disciplines and discover how the two fields connect in new and creative ways.  


Sissy is the first person who visitors see when they enter our library and a reference guide for any question. Her tasks are not limited to the functions of a Library circulation desk; she deals with new material purchases, monitors the Library’s budget, and performs various other activities aimed at maintaining the library’s operation as smoothly as possible. Her goal every day is to promote services that will inform and educate the Library’s patrons.



Email: | Tel. +30 2310 492 880

Margaret McGuirk

Margaret McGuirk is the 2019-2020 Gregory Maguire Writing Center Fellow at the "Dimitris & Aliki Perrotis" Library. Margaret is a native of Bel Air, Maryland and holds a B.A. in English Literature from Dickinson College in Carlisle, Pennsylvania. As a student, Margaret worked as a peer writing tutor at the Norman M. Eberly Writing Center, tutoring Dickinson College students and International Fellows from the United States Army War College. Before coming to AFS, Margaret worked full-time on the Dickinson College Organic Farm and part-time at the Penn State Dickinson School of Law as a Writing Center Tutor.

Margaret is passionate about helping students become better writers. Her Writing Center philosophy centers around collaboration and discussion, which helps to translate students' ideas from their minds to the page. She is available to assist American Farm School and Perrotis College students in any stage of writing assignments: from brainstorming to final revisions. Margaret is excited to help students develop writing strategies that will help them succeed in English writing throughout their academic career and beyond.



Menia Lepesioti


Menia Lepesioti is the new intern of the "Dimitris & Aliki Perrotis" Central Library. She studies Library Science and Information Systems at the International Hellenic University of Greece in Thessaloniki. She loves traveling and organizing cultural events; an example being her assistance in the organization of various events held by the Library Science Department. She also loves fashion and, at the moment, she is the author of fashion articles for an online magazine. As a new member of the Library, she would be happy to assist patrons with their information needs.


Email: | Tel. +30 2310 492 883
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