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Elementary School Library

The Elementary School Library was established in order to meet the school’s educational goals through developing an evaluated and current collection of both print and electronic materials. The library aims at assisting the Elementary Faculty in their teaching process, but also at continuing to cultivate the love of books to Elementary Students the way it started at Pre-School and Kindergarten.

At the elementary school, the library acts as a means for students to turn from passive library visitors into active and independent library users. The library will help them take their first steps into research and information retrieval of both print and electronic materials, thus cultivating the art of critical thinking and the responsible use of information.


Library materials are divided into two distinct main collections:

  • Teachers' Collection: includes books with specific academic content regarding the teaching experience and process, along with expensive and 3D books which are only used under the supervision of the teacher. In this collection you can also find books used by the animators of various elementary clubs.

  • Open Collection: includes books that only elementary students and faculty can borrow directly.

Books under the above categories are classified according to their subject and the language they are written in.


Borrowing Privileges

  • Teachers can borrow books from both collections and from the "Dimitris & Aliki Perrotis" Central Library;

  • Students can borrow up to 3 books only from the Open Collection. The Teacher responsible for each class is allowed to check out books to his/her student.

  • Parents or Guardians can borrow up to 3 books only from the "Dimitris & Aliki Perrotis" Central Library for 14 days. They may also use the aforementioned library’s reading areas.


Overdue Items





  Library Expectation/Assumption

  Action Taken

  >1 month


  Student cannot borrow any Library
  materials until the overdue item is

  Requested by others

  1 week notice to Student to return
  the requested item

  Student cannot borrow any Library
  materials until the overdue item is

  Never returned


  Student will be reported to the
  Elementary School Principal and will
  be charged with replacing the lost item

  Returned damaged


  Student will be charged with replacing
  the lost item


Every library member needs to have a Library Card in order to be able to borrow library material (please contact us at 2310 492880 or at for more information). The Elementary students’ library card is issued in cooperation with the Dimitris and Aliki Perrotis library, and is automatically renewed every year.


Browse Library’s Online Catalog.

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