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Preschool & Kindergarten Library


The idea and establishment of a Pre-School and Kindergarten library was crucial and well needed in order to meet the educational goals of these two programs. The library aims at assisting Pre-School and Kindergarten Faculty in their teaching process through a current and evaluated collection of both print and electronic materials. The ultimate goal of the library is to cultivate the love of books to its young students, and teach them how to use books both as a source of leisure and a source of knowledge.

The above mentioned material is divided into two distinct main collections:

  • Teachers’ Collection, which includes books with specific academic content regarding the teaching experience and process.

  • Open Collection, which includes books that only young Pre-School and Kindergarten students and faculty can borrow directly.

Books under the above categories are classified according to their subject and the language they are written in.


Borrowing Rights for the above collections:

  • Pre-School and Kindergarten Faculty can borrow books from both collections. Their borrowing privileges can be viewed here;

  • Pre-School and Kindergarten Students can borrow up to 3 books only from the Open Collection. The Teacher responsible for each class is allowed to check out books to his/her students every Friday and students can keep the books only for the weekend. Last, but not least,

  • Pre-School and Kindergarten Parents or Guardians can borrow up to 3 books only from the "Dimitris & Aliki Perrotis Library" for 14 days. They may also use the aforementioned library’s reading areas.

Every library member needs to have a Library Card in order to be able to borrow library material. Pre-School and Kindergarten students become library members automatically the day they enroll.

You can browse through our Library’s catalog here.

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