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'Dimitris and Aliki Perrotis' Central Library



The 'Dimitris and Aliki PerrotisLibrary (DAPL) is the Central Library of the American Farm School (AFS) and it is located at the heart of the AFS's Campus, in Princeton Hall, featured in the photo above.


At DAPL you can find:

  • More than 17 thousand print books on every topic, ranging from Computer programs to World History (both in Greek and in English). You will also find Greek, American and English literature (among others);
  • Magazines and Journals focused on Agriculture, Business and Food Science;
  • Desktop computers;
  • Laptops to be used inside the premises;
  • Binding materials for your papers;
  • Photocopy machine;
  • 1 3D printer for educational and school projects;
  • The Learning Commons, a new, contemporary and versatile space with big tables, TV screens, and 2 sound-proof glass rooms, where you can study on your own or do group work;
  • The Digital Studio, a new professional studio equipped with the latest digital video and audio tools for academic purposes;
  • The Historical Archives of the American Farm School, a history in print, visual, and audio form that dates back to 1904.


Check out the Central Library's Opening Hours and your Borrowing privileges (according to which group you belong to).

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